5 comments on “Clach Bheinn, 643mts

  1. I’ve walked that circuit several times, but not in snow. It is very pleasant up top walking around the corrie (though your video showing the wind is quite something). I always find on this loop that the hardest part is the descent through the clearing.

    • Dave. I had intended to descent on the ascent route but it was so hard going I just wanted to get off the hill. Dropping down to Loch Eck was a nightmare in the drifts too. Plus I had to go back to the start of hill track to get my bike!!

      • I picked up all of that from your report. The video shows the strength of the wind. I am sure that dropping down through the clearing seemed like the lesser evil until you were well into it. What I find challenging about that descent isn’t the pitch, which is steep enough. It is that the footing seems so poor, almost like a boulder field covered in bracken. I’m sure it was miserable with snow. I read your report like someone watching a horror movie, knowing what was going to happen. It’s easier to descend NE towards Bernice, but that would have been unpleasant into an easterly wind. No good options that day!

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