10 comments on “Loch Eck,evening paddle.

  1. Beautiful pictures 😍 I grew up in Dunoon and I’m coming back next month to do some camping.
    Do you know if wild camping is permitted on the shores of loch Eck?

      • Excellent thanks for the reply thinking of having a couple of nights on the far bank of the loch so not too close to the main road.
        That’s if the far side is still accessible by car i seem to remember there being a picnic area on that side too?
        Think it was from the glen massan road although I could be wrong lol it’s been quite some time since Ive been back up

      • The west side of the Loch has no vehicle access. Closest is Glenbranter at the north or Benmore Gardens to the south. There is a dirt track from Glenmassan via Uig Hall then onto Benmore gardens , but main road to Benmore is easiest

      • Ok thanks I’ll need to get a map out figure out where the spot I’m thinking of is, I know there was a main parking spot just of the main road after benmore and I’m sure there was another spot on the opposite side of the loch not directly across but fairly close that was accessed by a more basic road?
        I should probably also brush up on my compass points because I have no idea what way I’m facing lol.
        Also can you confirm whether we will need a permit for camping as I know some of the lochs do

      • Also I’m presuming benmore doesn’t allow overnight parking? So we will have to find a spot with parking fairly nearby.
        I just hope it doesn’t limit our options too much.

      • Don’t think there’s a restriction on parking at benmore. There’s an overflow car park.
        You may be thinking of the water treatment works on the west side. The Loch runs north to south. No permit despite being in the national park. It applies mostly Loch Lomond and surroundings.

      • Brilliant thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.
        Would you say it’s safe to leave the car overnight?
        I’ve lived in England for too long now and worry about leaving it unattended.

      • Aye it should be fine. Glenbranter end quiet too and the base of the Forestry Commission, dare say they’d have CCTV. Depends where you’re planning on camping.

      • That’s great thanks.
        We were looking at one of your other trips and quite like the idea of trying the west loch Eck area it looks beautiful for a couple of nights.
        Then we might move on to a forest area of we can find a suitable one.

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