4 comments on “Viewranger & Geocaching via Drop Box

    • I’m just to lazy to input manually,ha. Be interested in how you get on. Wish Viewranger would be more Geocaching friendly. Although this does seem a good work round. Printing the cache info sheet is always a good idea while on the in depth detail screen.

      • Always best to take the easiest, quickest option in life! 😉 I use my phone a lot to cache as it’s so convenient, but then that makes using view ranger app tricky and a bit of a faff. This would work when out for a handful of caches for sure.
        I do use a GPSR a lot of the time too but that’s only when I’m organised and run and load my pocket queries in time. In short I should be more organised! Ha!

      • I used an old garmin then put on to MemoryMap for printing. Not done caching in years so it’s like starting from scratch.
        More organised, where’s the fun in that! 👍

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